Now we can see in some high-end residential or military heavy and prisons some in protective net fence device, and these above have sharp barbs gives people a feeling of awe, and this is the razor wire.

Shackel, also known as the blade gill net, it is a denial measures, made of stainless steel knife plate or galvanized steel plate and a core wire, wire core is generally by has made great tension wire, so creating a razor wire with damage prevention, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

Why can  razor wire safety barrier is widely used.

Razor wire with sharp corners, so from the appearance point of view gives people a feeling of awe. This unique structure gives the razor wire good protection function, many factories, residential area is the use of the razor wire good anti blocking function, razor wire generally mounted to the wall, the factories and residential areas of safety are guaranteed.

Razor barbed wire not only because of its good protective effect to get people's favor. And it is widely application in the fence of the park. This is because, on the one hand, razor wire can be used as a warning to the role, effectively protect the plants in the park; on the other hand, razor barbed wire and park tidy, beautiful appearance, plant protection at the same time, also played a beautification effect. Razor barbed wire convenient installation, according to the installation method of different points into different types: spiral, straight line type, plate type and so on.
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